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Prepared for the future
- PET Planet Insider Magazine, Sep 2019
Unattended Production
- Plastics Machinery Magazine, May 2019
Seizing the Opportunity
- Plastics Machinery Magazine, April 2019
Getting more from less in caps moulding
- Injection World, August 2018
Athena Automation introduces stack injection press
- Plastics News, June 2018
Hands-on training program is taking off in Ontario
- Canadian Plastics, June 2018
Athena Automation: Small, Specialized and Interesting
- The Molding Blog, May 2018
Athena Automation growing, rebranding its presses
- Plastics Machinery Magazine, May 2018
Stanpac finishing up expansions at two facilities
- Plastics News, February 2018
Flexibility in Post-Mold Cooling (PET)
- connecting comPETence THREE:17, September 2017 [link]
Working closely together with mold makers
- PETplanet Insider, September 2017 [link]
Athena 2-platen unit saves time, space by cube molding
- Plastics Machinery Magazine, September 2017
NIIGON For the Future - Interview with Robert Schad
- connecting comPETence TWO:17, July 2017 [link]
Athena opens lights-out work cell
- Plastics Machinery Magazine, May 2017
Athena debuts compact cube molding machine
- Plastics Machinery Magazine, April 2017
Athena names Harold Luttmann as acting CEO
- Canadian Plastics, August 2016
Improvements of Athena’s PET machinery
- PETplanet, October 2015
Keeping it in the family
- Plastics in Packaging, June 2015 [link]
PET preform machines get larger, faster, more efficient
- Plastics Machinery Magazine, June 2015
Athena Builds Its First High-Speed 300-Ton Machine
- The Molding Blog, December 2014
Q&A: Athena now taking orders for its customized presses
- Plastics Machinery Magazine, November 2014
Schad, Athena continue to build for the future
- Plastics News, October 2014
Athena invests in its future
- Injection World, June 2014
Press maker Athena expanding in Ontario
- Plastics News, June 2014
Athena Automation keeps on building
- Canadian Plastics, June 2014
K 2013: SIPA showcased the XFORM PET preform production system
- Plastics Today, November 2013
PET preform machine allows quick mold changes
- Canadian Plastics, October 2013
Schad: Build what the customer needs, not wants
- Plastics News, October 2013
Injection molding from the ground up
- automotion magazine, September 2013
Clean and lean
- Plastics in Packaging, August 2013 [link]
New Hybrid Machine Platform Focused on Customization, Integration, Energy Savings
- Plastics Technology, July 2013
Hybrid Athenas target all-electrics in medical applications
- Plastics Today, June 2013
Schad's Athena starts machine production
- Plastics News, May 2013
Athena: Robert Schad returns to injection molding
- Plastics Today, May 2013
Athena Automation: Robert Schad's second act hits the stage
- Canadian Plastics, May 2013
SIPA Partners with Athena Automation on PET Preform Molding Systems
- Plastics Technology, January 2013
Athena Automation: The return of Robert Schad
- Canadian Plastics, January 2012