Photo of Niigon Machines reciprocating screw (RS) injection unit for injection molding

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Reciprocating screw injection modules can be equipped with a choice of four plasticizing screws. All hydraulic functions except back pressure are controlled by on-off valves, meaning there are no sensitive servo controls.
A friction coupling connects the screw to the injection piston ensuring perfect alignment and easy screw removal and a patented position resolver ensures excellent shot-to-shot repeatability.

Machines customized for preform production may be equipped with two-stage injection units.

Distributed I/O

The injection control cabinet is mounted on the injection unit, eliminating the need for routing long cable bundles from the main controls cabinet.

Customization examples

  • Multi-material injection, two-stage injection
  • Increased injection speed and/or torque
  • Custom screw geometries and shut-off nozzles

Overview | Clamp | Controls | Specifications | Customization