Photo of Niigon Machines control cabinet for an injection molding machine

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The water-cooled B&R control system with distributed I/O reduces wiring complexity, improves reliability, and allows modular expansion and easy maintenance. The user-friendly HMI provides centralized access to all machine and auxiliary equipment parameters.

Key features

  • Machine overview page designed to be the central point of navigation
  • The dashboard, incorporating all actual values, can be displayed at any time
  • Cycle time permanently shown on the top of the screen
  • All settings can be reached with two taps
  • One-touch auto-shutdown and start-up
  • Mold maintenance tracking
  • Integrated manual and schematics
  • Base cabinets designed to accommodate integrated hot runner controllers

Smart Tool Tips help operators find all functions easily and distinct push-button colors allow intuitive task oriented operation.

Photo of Niigon Machines Human Machine Interface (HMI), which is tablet-shaped with touchscreen functionality

Customization examples

  • Seamlessly integrated auxiliary equipment for single point of access (e.g. robots, additional injection units, hot runner controllers, rotary tables, dryers, conveyors, servo cores)
  • Custom and standardized auxiliary interfaces
  • Software functions such as remote monitoring and remote notification

Overview | Clamp | Injection | Specifications | Customization