Photo of Niigon Machines 2-platen clamp for injection molding

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Key features

  • Two-platen design on over-sized linear bearings
  • Outstanding platen accuracy and mold protection (increased mold life)
  • Ball screw(s) with direct-drive servo motor(s) provide high speed and precision
  • Electric ejectors with optional hydraulic booster
  • Non-lubricated tie bars, ideal for clean rooms
  • Best-in-class daylight
  • Best-in-class tie bar clearance
  • High maximum mold weight
  • Short dry cycle

Mold life

Platen deflection testing of a Niigon N300 against comparable 3-platen machines has shown that the N300's platens were about twice as stiff as those of a toggle machine, and about the same stiffness as those of a center-ram machine.

Distributed I/O

The clamp control cabinet is mounted on the base by the clamp, eliminating the need for routing long cable bundles from the main controls cabinet.

Customization examples

  • Side-entry robot, stack mold carrier, rotary table or cube, in-mold assembly
  • Increased clamp stroke & daylight
  • Mold services routed to moving and stationary platen (process water, air, vacuum, hydraulics, and servo core controls)

Overview | Injection | Controls | Specifications | Customization