Rendering of 300 ton Niigon Machines rotary table two-material injection molding machine
300 metric ton rotary platen machine with dual injection. Mold services (cooling water, compressed air, hydraulic oil, electrical) are routed through rotary union to platen center and perimeter.


  • Moving platen mold weight 3000 kg (6600 lbs) - on NIIGON 300
  • Accepts conventional and rotary molds
  • Same shut height as standard machine
  • Servo-driven table motion
  • Dual off-center parallel injection units for larger two-shot molds

Injection unit combinations:

A chart explaining the options available for primary and secondary injection units in a Niigon two-material injection molding machine. An accessible version of this chart is available by contacting marketing at
* Primary injection unit offset from center line.

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