Photo of NIIGON PET 300 preform injection molding machine

A fast, service-friendly system for molds with up to 288 cavities. Improved output-per-capital through energy efficiency, easy operation, and a highly optimized process.

  • Up to 288 cavities with five machine models
  • 6 stages of post-mold cooling
  • Lowest water and air consumption
  • Lowest energy consumption
  • Robot x-axis assists transfer
  • Lowest preform drop temperature
  • Compatible with legacy tooling
  • Quick mold and tooling change
  • Patent pending mold cleaning technology

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Post-mold cooling

  • Up to 3 sets of cooling tubes per cooling plate
  • Check valve restricts air flow:
    • Balanced air pressure distribution at a higher threshold
    • Energy efficiency
  • Flow-balanced water circuit:
    • Uniform heat removal
    • Temperature differential between individual cooling tubes less than 5 °C
    • Improved cycle time
  • Air-assist and mechanical-assist for transfer to pins
  • Internal preform cooling on transfer pins
  • Preform exit temperature below 55 °C

In a Niigon Machines PET injection molding machine, the take-out robot, transfer station and conveyor slide out of the way to allow ample mold access and provide space for post-mold tooling change
The take-out robot, transfer station, and conveyor slide out of the way to allow ample mold access and provide space for post-mold tooling change.

Preform cooling and transfer

  • Mechanically assisted EOAT guarantees preform transfer.
  • The robot’s preform-specific x-axis motion assists transfer of wide-mouth preforms.
  • Transfer pins provide continuous internal preform cooling.
  • The EOAT transfer valve allows quicker preform transfer and features:
    • Independent control (high/low vacuum and pressure with off-function).
    • Fast and simple assembly / service.
    • Diagnostic pressure ports for each cooling stage.

Multi-layer preforms

PET machines can be equipped with the cube option. This provides the highest output per capital for multi-layer applications.

  • Maximum cavitation – up to 96 + 96 cavities
  • Use of standard hot runners and standard cold halves
  • Accepts micro-pitch molds

A Niigon N300 PET stack machine is the same length as competing 500 tonne systems and 33% more productive, With a cube molding machine, it can be used for multi-layer applications
NIIGON 300 PET stack machine – the same length as competing 500 ton systems, and 33% more productive. With a cube, it can be used for multi-layer applications.

Prototyping equipment

We support customers with prototyping and production simulation.