Photo of cube molding test blocks in a Niigon Machines cube injection molding machine

Niigon has developed more than 50 pre-engineered options for market-specific machine customization – for example:

  • PET, stack, rotary table, or cube
  • Multimaterial injection, two-stage injection, injection-compression
  • Increased injection speed and/or torque
  • Screw geometries and shut-off nozzles
  • Increased clamp stroke & daylight
  • Integrated mold services (process water, air, vacuum, hydraulics, and servo cores)
  • Integrated auxiliary equipment (e.g. hot runner controllers, conveyors)
  • Software functions such as machine remote monitoring and remote notification

Learn more about some of our customization options by clicking on the links below:

PET | Stack | Cube | Two-Material Rotary Platen | Hot Runner Controller |

Integrated Servos | IML / Insert Molding | Unscrewing | LIGHTSOUT™