Niigon Machines

Photo of NIIGON 150 cube machine

Athena Automation Ltd. announced that it is changing its name to Niigon Machines Ltd.

“This allows us to emphasize our business objective of becoming a global leader in customized injection molding machines” said Robert Schad, Chairman. “Niigon is an Ojibwa word that means ‘for the future’.”

Niigon is a manufacturer of injection molding machines founded by Robert Schad. Working with customers, suppliers, and mold makers, Niigon has developed a rugged, accurate, and flexible two-platen machine platform that features energy efficiency, process repeatability, and reduced mold maintenance. Machines come in clamp forces from 150 to 550 metric tons and are covered by a 5-year warranty.
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NIIGON Machines Customization Careers
Simple, compact, and rigid high-performance machines that are the base of innovative custom solutions in a multitude of markets. More than 50 pre-engineered options can be used for market-specific machine customization. We share a strong culture built on the principles of teamwork, innovation, and passion for excellence.
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